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Consider This

19 February 2013

Banks: where now in the quest for trust & loyalty?

The banking industry is in crisis – a crisis of trust.  Indeed, it’s not just the financial sector this crisis is affecting, but it’s the one […]
10 August 2012

To Inspire

When talking about leadership people are often drawn to talk about those they have found to be charismatic.  Equally, many see it as a goal to […]
3 August 2012

Every leader needs a follower

In its simplest form, a leader is just someone who has a follower. In the world of professional road racing cycling, the rider who crosses the […]
23 May 2012

Being significant

In the late summer of 1977, NASA’s two deep space probes, Voyager 1 and 2, were launched from Cape Canaveral for the start of their journey […]
20 March 2012

To Serve: a Banker, The Queen and a C-17

Much has been written about Greg Smith, the former Goldman Sachs executive who published his resignation letter in the New York Times recently.  He wrote about […]
23 January 2012

The art of Adaptive Leadership: for crisis, resilience & performance breakthrough

We expect our Leaders to know what to do. But what happens when a team or organisation is faced with problems for which the Leader doesn’t […]
29 November 2011

The time is right

Sometimes an idea emerges in different places around the world at around the same time.  Some call it synchronicity.  It might just be that the time […]
18 August 2011

Decisions, decisions…

Our lives are continually bombarded by decisions and choices we feel we have to make.  There is a perceived desire to have more choice – whether […]
11 July 2011

Relationship matters

I learned something yesterday that I found to be quite astonishing.  Some scientists have worked out that around 30,000 years ago the reason why Homo sapiens […]