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Consider This

4 July 2022

Forbes Magazine: How Leaders Can Improve Performance By Giving Up Control

Insightfully written by Roger Trapp, this article gives a great take on how the practices of Jumpseat Leadership can help in today’s complex business environment.
13 August 2020

Overcoming Feeling Awkward

A little over two weeks ago, it was announced that I am a finalist in this year’s British Ex-Forces in Business Awards. All finalists were encouraged […]
18 July 2018

Results are achieved by who we’re being and not just by what we do.

Consider this… If we were to choose one doctor over another equally-qualified doctor, chances are it would be because of how they made us feel. We […]
20 October 2016

“Houston, we have a problem.”

As depicted by the Hollywood movie, when Jim Lovell, commander of Apollo 13, famously transmitted those words on 13 April, 1970, a shock rapidly spread through […]
28 May 2015

The challenge of the Rising Star

There are only two things in this world – Content and Context.  The stuff we see and do, the Content, only takes on meaning when we […]
4 September 2014

See it to believe it

I walked into a small mall in Fort Lauderdale, Florida recently and the fire alarm was sounding. The were flashing lights, klaxons blaring, and an automated […]
24 August 2014

It’s not about the numbers

[First published in ‘Human Resources’, HR Institute of New Zealand professional journal, August 2014 #nzhrconf] This year we commemorated the 70th anniversary of the 1914-18 war […]
11 September 2013

Get out of your way

Whenever I can, I enjoy mountain or ‘fell’ running, occasionally entering a mountain marathon.  It’s great exercise and one can get a completely different perspective of […]
12 June 2013

Keeping it simple

It seems that, sometimes, organisations are naturally attracted to making things complicated.  We like to manage, to analyse, to strategise, to understand.   And it can be […]