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Consider This

15 February 2022

PODCAST: Talking to Teens: Jumpseat Leadership as a Parent

Being parents is one of the most common – and challenging – leadership roles many of us face, and so I was delighted to be invited […]
1 December 2021

PODCAST: Building Better Cultures – with Scott McInnes

A great conversation with Scott McInnes: Summary: While it may seem counter-intuitive at first, there is wisdom in the concept of leading from behind. This episode […]
22 November 2021

PODCAST: Leading from the Jumpseat – with Chapman & Co

In conversation with Sara Hannah from the remarkable team at Chapman & Co, part of the Barry-Wehmiller organization.
9 November 2021

PODCAST: The Nonprofit Exchange: Leadership Tools & Strategies

The Nonprofit Exchange is built for nonprofit leaders, board members, donors, and interested parties.
10 October 2021

PODCAST: Leading From The Jumpseat, hosted by Chris Cebollero

A packed 27 minute session as Peter takes Chris through the key themes of Leading From The Jumpseat.
2 October 2021

PODCAST: Lessons in Leadership – Pink & Ginge

A Saturday morning chat over coffee with Claire and Charlotte (aka Pink & Ginge) discussing Peter’s new book and how Leading from the Jumpseat can help […]
23 May 2012

Being significant

In the late summer of 1977, NASA’s two deep space probes, Voyager 1 and 2, were launched from Cape Canaveral for the start of their journey […]
20 March 2012

To Serve: a Banker, The Queen and a C-17

Much has been written about Greg Smith, the former Goldman Sachs executive who published his resignation letter in the New York Times recently.  He wrote about […]
23 January 2012

The art of Adaptive Leadership: for crisis, resilience & performance breakthrough

We expect our Leaders to know what to do. But what happens when a team or organisation is faced with problems for which the Leader doesn’t […]